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Vegan Food, Dining in Phuket

Vegan-friendly Foods of Love

In our Phuket romantic tips, we’ve previously suggested some aphrodisiac ingredients of Thai cuisine, the most famous of which is, of course, oysters. That’s fine if you’re fond of seafood, but what happens if you’re a strict vegan? Does that mean that that are also forced to cut love out of your diet? Fortunately, no – there are also some vegan-friendly foods of love, some of which you’ll find in use in Thai cuisine. Here are some of the names to look out for when scanning the menus of Phuket romantic restaurants.


There’s certainly no shortage of these in most Thai dishes and, aside from making you sweat from their hot, peppery flavour, they also stimulate the release of endorphins – the body’s pleasure hormone. There are plenty of great health benefits to eating them, too, including improved circulation and reduced body fat. Just don’t over-do it and make sure you wash your lips before you start kissing, or your partner might get a spicy shock!


Finish your meal at one of the finest Phuket romantic restaurants with a fruit platter and you might find your evening getting more interesting from there. This juicy fruit is full of citruline, which increases the amount of nitric acid in your body. This increases blood flow and improves circulation, making it basically a natural viagra. It’s even thought to increase your libido!

Watermelon, แตงโม, ผลไม้ไทย


Most Thai stir-fried dishes, soups and curries use garlic as a base, from which their complex flavours are built. In some local restaurants, you might even find raw garlic served as a side! Suffice it to say, then, that you’ll find plenty of the stuff in Phuket romantic restaurants. Well, that’s good news for vegan romantics as garlic contains allicin which, just like citruline, improves circulation…among other things.



Suffice it to say that anything that gets your mouth hot will also make other things hot. This tangy root works much like the other items on our list – improving circulation and increasing blood flow. Even if your romantic meal turns out to be a bust, at least you won’t be having any heart troubles any time soon!

ขิง, Ginger, Thai Herb


Plenty of dishes in Phuket romantic restaurants come with a few slices of cucumber on the side to add a bit of cool crunch to your meal. The also add a certain aroma – an aroma which scientists believe encourage increased blood flow to…well, use your imagination.

Cucumber, Vegan Food, Thai Food, Thai

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