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Northern Thai Dishes, Thai food

5 Tasty Northern Thai Dishes You Have to Try

Thai food isn’t just about the phad Thais, somtams and chicken with cashew nuts. It’s a very diverse cuisine, with unique offerings from every corner of the country. The south, around Phuket, is mostly famous for its spicy seafood dishes, which is hardly surprising as the fishing is so good. By contrast, the north offers…

Vegan Food, Dining in Phuket

Vegan-friendly Foods of Love

In our Phuket romantic tips, we’ve previously suggested some aphrodisiac ingredients of Thai cuisine, the most famous of which is, of course, oysters. That’s fine if you’re fond of seafood, but what happens if you’re a strict vegan? Does that mean that that are also forced to cut love out of your diet? Fortunately, no…

Great Vegan Thai Dishes

5 Great Vegan Thai Dishes

In a previous post, we’ve talked about some great dishes for vegetarians visiting Thailand. However, what if you want to take it a step further? Fortunately, as much as Thai people generally enjoy their meaty dishes, you can find some great vegan options in Phuket Thai restaurants. Here are some of the best dishes which…

Thai Breakfast, Thai food

5 Typical Thai Breakfast Dishes

Anyone who has been to a typical Phuket Thai restaurant will be able to list a range of popular Thai lunch and dinner dishes, but breakfast is often harder to find. Most hotels serve only continental breakfasts, with a few international options. To find a real Thai breakfast, you often have to seek out little…

Thai Food Tastes, Food in Thailand

Why Thai Food Tastes Better in Thailand

Dine at any Phuket Thai restaurant and, no matter how much Thai food you’ve eaten in the past in any other country, your taste buds will be blown away by the experience. The flavours and textures are infinitely more vibrant and complex when you dine on Thai food actually made in Thailand. So, does the…

Thai Chicken Dishes, เมนูไก่

5 Best Thai Chicken Dishes | Phuket Thai Restaurant

When it comes to visiting a Phuket Thai restaurant, chicken dishes are always a safe bet. After all, who doesn’t love chicken? Other than vegetarians and vegans, obviously. It’s such a universally loved flavour that we associate it with virtually everything. The expression “it takes like chicken”, said about something which is definitely not chicken,…

Vegetarian Thai Dishes, Thai food in Phuket

5 Great Vegetarian Thai Dishes

Most of the Thai food Phuket is famous for is seafood, while Bangkok’s streets are lined with vendors selling what amounts to meat on sticks. It can seem like nothing on the menu of the average Thai restaurant will appeal to vegans and vegetarians. However, this delightful cuisine does have some exceptional choices for those…