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Thai Cooking Class, Phuket Thaifood

5 Best Thai Cooking Classes in Phuket

While enjoying a wonderful meal at a Phuket Thai restaurant is a memorable experience, it’s even better if you can bring that experience home with you. Certainly, you can buy any number of excellent Thai cookery books, but there’s no substitute for hands-on experience and the teachings of a chef with years of professional experience. For that reason, let’s take a look at some of the best Thai cooking classes in Phuket.

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant is one of the island’s most prestigious Phuket Thai restaurants, which makes it really kind of surprising that they also teach classes. You’ll find both the restaurant and the school in a beautiful old governor’s mansion from Phuket’s tin-mining heyday, near to Phuket Old Town. Their course includes a visit to the nearby food markets to pick up some budget fruits, vegetables and herbs. You’ll then return to the first-class kitchen to craft four dishes.


Positive Kitchen by Chef Noi

Chef Noi is something of a celebrity chef, especially in Phuket. Not only was he a contestant on Iron Chef Thailand, but he runs the noteworthy Suay Restaurant. He’s best known for his Thai-fusion cuisine, so this might not be the school for you if you particularly want to learn traditional Thai cooking. However, no school in Phuket will put as much effort into presentation, so you can bet the three dishes you make will look outstanding.

Positive Kitchen by Chef Noi, Thai cooking class

Phuket Thai Cookery

The Koh Siray part of Phuket is a little tricky to reach, being east of Phuket Town, but that is apparently not enough to put people off because Phuket Thai cookery is among the most popular Thai cooking classes in Phuket. The course will help you to create four dishes from ingredients you will pick up during your market tour. The huge open kitchen offers some pretty impressive views, so you won’t feel like any of your holiday time is wasted being cooped up in a kitchen. On the downside, larger class sizes mean less personal tutelage.

Phuket Thai Cookery, Thai Cooking Class

B’s Thai Cooking Class

If you’re looking for the really traditional cooking class – the sort which will teach you exactly how to make the sorts of dishes you’ll get from the kinds of Phuket Thai restaurants the locals visit – this one’s for you. You’ll get the market visit and a choice of 15 dishes, from which you can learn how to make four. As you’ll be taught in what amounts to little more than a home kitchen, classes are kept small and Khun Bee is a very attentive, patient and fun teacher.

Thai cooking class, B’s Thai Cooking Class

Organic Thai Cooking School

If you’re a health-conscious soul and like to ensure your meals are made from organic ingredients, this cooking school has your name all over it. As with Khun Bee’s the lesson’s are taught in a local chef’s home kitchen and some of the ingredient’s come from the chef’s own garden, so you can be assured they’re very organic! The rest come from a market tour, with a choice of three or five dishes on the menu, including plenty of vegetarian options.

Organic Thai Cooking School, Thai Cooking Class

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