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Tom Yum Gung, Thai food

The Perfect Tom Yum Gung

The spicy tom yum soup is often ranked among the favourite dishes ordered by visitors to Phuket Thai restaurants. While it may or may not have originated in Southern Thailand, it’s certainly popular and widely available here. The complex flavour is at once tangy and tart, a little sweet and a bit smooth – it’s…

5 Spiciest Thai Dishes You Have to Try

Thai food has a great reputation for its bold and exotic flavours, but also for its rather liberal use of chillies. While there are some fantastic dishes you can enjoy without feeling like there’s a fire on your tongue, there are plenty more that are as likely to melt your tastebuds as tantalise them. Despite…

thai food , ความเป็นมาอาหารไทย ,

The History of Thai Food

Thai food has become one of the world’s most popular cuisines, spreading to practically every corner of the globe since the country was ‘discovered’ by the mass tourism industry in the 1980s. To figure out why that should be, it helps to trace the origins of the cuisine, which we’re doing to (very generally) do…

Vegetarian Thai Dishes, Thai food in Phuket

5 Great Vegetarian Thai Dishes

Most of the Thai food Phuket is famous for is seafood, while Bangkok’s streets are lined with vendors selling what amounts to meat on sticks. It can seem like nothing on the menu of the average Thai restaurant will appeal to vegans and vegetarians. However, this delightful cuisine does have some exceptional choices for those…

prawn, เมนูกุ้ง, อาหารไทย

Great Thai Prawn Dishes

The sort of Thai food Phuket is most famous for is, unsurprisingly, seafood. Thailand’s largest island is surrounded by beautiful, bountiful seas, with prawns being one of the most common catches. Naturally, a great many delightful dishes have evolved around this abundance of this popular crustacean. The following are some of the best options, available…

How to Get Kids to Try Thai Food

How to Get Kids to Try Thai Food

Picture the scene: You’ve taken your young child to the finest Phuket Thai restaurant. You’re looking down the menu at the wonderful offerings of this world-famous cuisine and you’re already salivating at the feast to come. You’ve been waiting all year for the chance to bombard your tastebuds with these exotic flavours. You turn to…


The Differences in Northern and Southern Thai Food

The Thai food Phuket restaurants serve has developed over centuries to become one of the world’s favourite cuisines. The iconic bold flavour came about through combinations of eastern and western influences, which also led to the very clear distinction between Thai food from different parts of Thailand. That contrast is especially clear when comparing local…