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Best Healthy Thai Foods

5 Best Healthy Thai Foods

Everyone knows that the great Thai food Phuket restaurants serve up is tasty, but less people realise that it is also pretty good for you. Being mostly based on simple preparations of healthy ingredients, a lot of the more popular dishes are actually low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. We’ve picked out…

Somtam Thai, Thai Food

How to Eat Thai Food

When it comes to Thai dining, Phuket has a lot of variety to offer. You can have have anything from simple street snacks at one of the many night markets to fine Royal Thai cuisine at astounding restaurants, and quite a bit in between. While Thai food may be famous around the world, the method…

Thai food in Phuket

Mild Thai Dishes in Phuket

The range of Thai food Phuket offers is very wide and, while the cuisine is most famous for its spicy flavours and generous use of chillies, not every dish is going to melt your fillings. For younger mouths or just those who don’t particularly like spicy dishes, here are five tasty Thai dishes which are…

Thai Set dinner, Phuket Beach Dining

Thai Street Food vs Restaurants

When it comes to Thai dining, Phuket has a variety of choices. At the cheapest end of the spectrum, the various local markets around the island offer great snacks and simple dishes, often for considerably less than 100 baht each. At the very top end of the scale are the finest Phuket Thai restaurants, serving…