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Why Chilies Are Good For You?

Chili peppers are a very common ingredient in Phuket Thai food, and particularly in the more popular dishes among locals. While they can be a bit of a challenge to a western palate if you’re unused to spicy cuisine, they can also take your dining experience to the next level. As an added bonus, the…

Northern Thai Dishes, Thai food

5 Tasty Northern Thai Dishes You Have to Try

Thai food isn’t just about the phad Thais, somtams and chicken with cashew nuts. It’s a very diverse cuisine, with unique offerings from every corner of the country. The south, around Phuket, is mostly famous for its spicy seafood dishes, which is hardly surprising as the fishing is so good. By contrast, the north offers…

Somtam Thai, Thai Food

How to Eat Thai Food

When it comes to Thai dining, Phuket has a lot of variety to offer. You can have have anything from simple street snacks at one of the many night markets to fine Royal Thai cuisine at astounding restaurants, and quite a bit in between. While Thai food may be famous around the world, the method…