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How to Get Kids to Try Thai Food

How to Get Kids to Try Thai Food

Picture the scene: You’ve taken your young child to the finest Phuket Thai restaurant. You’re looking down the menu at the wonderful offerings of this world-famous cuisine and you’re already salivating at the feast to come. You’ve been waiting all year for the chance to bombard your tastebuds with these exotic flavours. You turn to…

Phuket Thai Dessert

Top 5 Thai Desserts

When you’re visiting a Phuket Thai restaurant, the starters and main courses will generally be very familiar to those who love the iconic cuisine of the country. Desserts, however, can come as a surprise. Thai people like their sweets almost sickly sweet, but that sweetness rarely comes from just adding pots of sugar. The following…

5 Weird Thai Street Foods

The kind of Thai food Phuket has to offer is remarkably varied, from the Royal Thai cuisine of the finest Phuket Thai restaurant to the simple but amazingly popular banana pancake you get from a simple food cart. However, the world – renowned Thai cuisine also has some surprises up its sleeves, including some genuinely…